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  woofwerks leather dog collars and leashes

Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

Hand-Crafted in premium English Bridle Leather


Pics of some of our friends... say dog biscuit!


Nothing gladdens our heart more than to see the smiling faces of our happy customers. So please feel free to send us photos of your best friend.

dog with blue cooper leash  guido bulldog with collar  spaniel leaping into water 
labrador with red collar  small dog 


dog pointing  doberman  bull dog 
Bernie wearing tan collar Harper wearing red collar dog wearing cooper collar
finn dog with woofwerks collar  rambo bulldog with woofwerks collar  elvis with cooper dog collar 
maude with leather dog collar   puggles with leather dog collars moose with Simply Red collar
 beagle wearing dog collar and leash  hudson wearing woofwerks collar bernie in Simply Red Woofwerks leather dog collar 
Bentley Tiki with English bridle leather dog collar 
Kolchak in leather dog collar dog wearing leather collar
dog in red dog collar    
mr mongo  Max in tan Woofwerks collar indy
Beau in a Simply Red collar  big dog collars

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Like what you've seen? Then please tell your friends about the stylish leather dog collars and leashes you liked at Woofwerks! Remind them that we use only the finest English Bridle leather and non-corrosive nickel or brass fittings for our dog collars, leads, and leashes.