Why waste money on “throw-away” dog collars, leashes, and leads? Our premium leather dog collars and leashes are handcrafted to be a part of your dog’s lifetime and will remain a memory of your best friend forever.


All our leather is crafted in the US using only top quality vegetable-dyed English bridle leather. Our collars and leashes are fitted with non-corrosive brass or nickel hardware with extra riveting for strength.


Not faddish. Our collars and leashes come in a variety of classic styles and colors designed to please even the most discriminating dog owner. Choose from single or duo-tone leather and brass or nickel fittings.


Our leather dog collars are soft and supple and have an extra garment leather lining to prevent chafing and abrading your dog’s neck. And they’ll keep their shape because they’re made from English bridle leather.

We make other dog accessories too. Click on any section below to see our entire line of fine dog products.


Bridle Leather Dog Collars
As low as: $39.95


Bridle Leather Dog Leashes
As low as: $39.99


Leather & Nylon Collars
As low as: $27.50


Leather & Nylon Leashes
As low as: $34.95


Brass ID Tags
As low as: $9.50


Stainless ID Tags
As low as: $9.50

  • 5
    "The collar and leash are absolutely beautiful. You do gorgeous work! Koly thought that he was the cat's pajamas."
  • 5
    "We are loving the slip lead. Last night Felix had to go out at 2 am and rather than a big production, I just looped it on and off we went. *so wonderful* Thank you!!"
  • 5
    "I got the 12''-16" Tucker collar today, Jack. It's sooo nice. The contrasting black and tan just looks so good on a tri-color beagle. Every beagle should have this collar! "
  • 5
    "Yes, your collars certainly evoke a sense of quality, durability, and a ‘specialness’ for those great, spoiled furry beasts known as dogs!

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