Slide-on Collar Tag in Stainless




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Slide-on Collar Tag in Stainless Steel

This tag will slide onto any single thickness, nylon collar with belt buckles. Each tag is deeply engraved, color-filled and guaranteed for the life of your pet. We highly recommend our slide-on collar for very active dogs.

Note: This tag will not slide onto adjustable length collars with plastic snaps.

Collar Tag Sizing: The width of the collar determines the size CollarTag you need.
If your pet’s collar is:
3/8 inch wide…… use the mini size.
1/2 inch wide…… use the mini adjustable size.
5/8 inch wide…… select the small size.
3/4 inch wide…… select the medium size.
1.0 inch wide…… select the large size.

Please allow up to 7 business days to recieve tag.


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